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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help our company?

We offer a full range of creative, out-of-the box marketing communications to help you increase brand awareness and increase market share.  We offer advertising, strategic marketing, public relations, digital marketing, video and audio production.  

If my business isn't in your area, can you advertise for me?

Absolutely! Columbus is a full-service Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations agency, serving multiple brands locally, regionally and internationally. We build and scale brands for retail, non-profits, commercial, institutional, industrial, telecommunications, you name it!

Do you run advertising campaigns as project work or do you offer a retainer?

We offer both. Our team is dedicated to quality work and creative input that aligns with your request.

How much do you charge?

We work through proposals. Our pricing varies depending on the services requested and the number of months we will be working with you. The budget is made available to you prior to the actual work.

Do you build websites?

Yes. We deliver responsive web design with both front-end and back-end work. We are committed to building high-quality sites that are in line with standard UX/UI and SEO best practices. We take a holistic approach to web design, which weaves into your overall marketing strategy and is designed to meet key touchpoints on your customer journey.

What else do you offer in terms of digital?

We are full throttle. From strategy to social media marketing, web and mobile apps, e-mail marketing campaigns. We run paid media campaigns, from native ads to search and display and everything in between. We audit your current channels and recommend strategies that work best for your scope of work and budget available.

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